Customer Ratings and Reviews, Managed!

Customer Feedback Management Made Simple For Your Businesses.

Collect Feedback, Ratings, and Automate Reviews! Landscapers, Painters, Restuarants, Bars and dozens of other service industries use Review Magic to manage customer feedback for their business. You can too!

Customer Ratings and Reviews, Managed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't think I totally understand your service, can you explain a bit more?

A: Sure. When you register for our service we will be creating a new public profile page and a feedback page for your company. Your customers will be able to rate and review your services while they are at your establishment via mobile devices. You get to decide what you are rated on using survery questions that you choose. After your customer has submitted a rating, we ask them to write a short review. All of these reviews are subject to your approval. You can decide to turn them on or off. By default good or positive reviews are made public whereas reviews with a low rating score are held in a queue for you to take a look at. Customers that rate you with a low score are directed to what amounts to an apology page. Other customers are taken to a thank you page with a personal response that you create. This page may also contain links to your Facebook and Twitter pages if those are available.

Through your administration site, you will have the ability to send personal replies to your customers via email, turn reviews on or off, set up coupons, export opt-in customer email addresses, select the questions you will be rated on, order or download marketing pieces and more.

Q: Do I have to use your marketing pieces?

A: No, you can print your QR code or URL on anything you want, even business cards!

Q: Will all the customer feedback that I'm collecting be public?

A: No. You will be able to choose what is public and what is not. A simple click will turn feedback on or off. By default Positive Feedback is made public, but if you choose you can turn it off.

Q: Do we get access to our customer's email addresses?

A: Yes and no. Customers that provide feedback to you will be asked if they would like to receive special offers from you. If they answer yes, you have permission to email them, and you will be able to download their emails. If they say no, you are still able to respond to them and the review via your admin dashboard but only once.

Q: Can my customers rate us more than once?

A: Currently customers are only permitted to submit feedback once per email address. This helps prevent misuse of the system.

Q: I have a few reviews that show up as "Unconfirmed" please explain.

A: This means that your customer probably didn't see the confirmation email that was sent to them after they submitted their feedback. You do have the option to make that feedback public if you choose.

Q: Can we write the survey questions we are going to be rated on?

A: Currently we make over 50 of these questions available for your selection. We have not implemented this feature quite yet, however you can send your questions to us and we can add them into the system.

Q: Will your coupon wizard work with our POS system?

A: Yes, setting up a discount within your POS system will give you a unique code that you can type into our system. Our system will print the code as a bar code that your scanner can read, allowing you to track usage from within your own system.