Collect Ratings and Reviews, Easy!

Customer Feedback Management Made Simple For Your Business

Collecting Ratings and Reviews! Customer feedback made public become ratings and reviews. You simply just have to ask for it. We give you the tools to collect and collate that information.

Customer Ratings and Reviews, Managed!

Ratings & Reviews, Collected, Colated, Used

Review Magic gives you the tools to collect customer feedback then use it to promote, evaluate, and grow your business.

Your Personal Business Review Site is used to promote and display your public ratings and reviews. The header image and content is up to you! We have 60+ header images to choose from. This personal review site includes all your contact information, map, business hours, and of course your ratings and reviews! This site has been search engine optimized for you, allowing a quick ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Our review system can automatically list positive feedback as public reviews using rich snippets behind the scenes – a structured format that Google and other search engines understand. This means that whenever someone searches for your company and your profile page comes up in the results, your overall star rating will also be shown!

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