Review Management
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Industry leading Review Management, ORM, SEM, Review tracking and more for your successful service business. We simplified the management of your online reputation.

  • Promote & Grow Your Business
  • Manage Customer Relationships
  • Manage & Display Online Reviews

What does Review Magic do?

Collect Customer Reviews

Collect and collate customer ratings and reviews about your services.

Smart Review Management

Never let anything slip through the cracks again. We've got your back!

Customer Relationships

Respond to customer reviews, and build trust and customer loyalty

Search Engine Marketing

Publish customer reviews for organic SEO and Search Engine Marketing, with just a click!

Collect Opt-in Email

Export opt-in customer email addresses for marketing.

Real Time Stats

Easy to understand stats to keep track of how your business is doing.

What people are saying...

I'm very happy with how easily I was able to start using Review Magic. Set up was about 15mins, Great service thank you!

Gail Kennedy -

Who Uses Review Magic?

You Restaurants, Bars, Lawwn Care, Painters, Hotels